Fun ? or Serious ? EFR training

Emergency First Aid Response Training


We had EFR training to all our dive staff and surfing staff from Surfari Fiji on Wednesday this week. EFR organizer & trainer Mike from Viti-Water Sports Nadi who made successful course for 11 of us including operation manager and company director.

Most of staff already has experience EFR & CPR training; few new staff had non experience. Refresh knowledge, polish up skill and motivate to work to our busy season.

It was good timing to doing this kind of course for all our staff.


We started course 9:00am, finished 4:30pm at Warwick Fiji resort jetty end, we feel nice sea breeze and also clear water around us during the training course, make some joke and fun. However 3 of serious instructors kept & control 3 team x 3 staff students each module. Some of staff got serious and nervous doing performing skills. But it is OK.

CIMG1123Do better day by day, take action and step forward!! Keep up skill and knowledge of EFR, children care. The result of course is not only for our guest, for any person, even family.







So that’s a Tiger shark then. How very large and stripey.

Went out for a dive at Lone Tree with Katie, Bill and Sue. Katie had been staying at Crusoe’s Retreat for almost a month and had done 20+ dives with us, Bill and Sue are from Alaska – he a bush pilot with a fund of good stories, she a marine biologist who was used to working on the contents of walruses stomachs in the Arctic.

We dropped in at Lone Tree at about 9.35 am. The aim was to find a Leopard shark that Mesake said lived at around 27 m on the sandy bottom at the edge of the reef, so we planned a max.27m multilevel dive. As we swam down the sandy bottom past the tree I was pleased to see that the viz wasn’t too bad – the channel can be pretty green and cloudy because of fresh water flowing in from the creek, but whilst it was green, it was relatively clear, 10metres or so. After a couple of minutes sculling down the reef, the first thing to turn up were 5 or 6 yellowfin barracuda. They did the usual curious cuda circle, then continued on past us .


Then a turtle popped out and swam off. After about 10 mins I was starting to wonder whether we would find the alleged Leopard, and was feeling mildly pleased that if we didn’t, Sue was a marine biologist so that I could pull out the “That’s what we call cryptic megafauna” line and someone would actually understand it.

Then there it was, exactly as Mesake had said it would be, on the sandy bottom at 27 metres, head just under a rock. We sculled over and knelt a couple of metres away, and I shone a torch on it. After a short while it pulled up and swam lazily away back up channel, its long tail swirling gently. Everyone was pleased and we started to slowly ascend as we continued along the channel, in line astern 4 or 5 metres away from the walls. As we got up to about 20 metres, glancing out across the channel, I noticed a shape, probably 5 or 6 metres away from me. A large shape. A very large shape. My train of thought, compressed into a microsecond or so went as follows:

Wow! A whale shark! What a weird place for a whale shark. And it appears to have stripes rather than spots…oh. Yes. Right.

So that’s a Tiger shark then. How very large and stripey.

Also, there was a second immediately below and behind it. The eye, black and unblinking, seemed to be focused right on me. It probably was. They very slowly went past, eyeing us up and trailing a couple of remoras, headed up channel.

So that's a Tiger shark then. How very large and stripey.

So that’s a Tiger shark then. How very large and stripey.

Watching them, I backed towards the reef edge, beckoning my divers in. Everyone followed suit fairly rapidly, and the sharks carried on, slowly merging into the green water. A chunky shot of adrenalin was pumping merrily through my body, helped on its way by a healthy dose of fear and a distinct sense of awe.

Okay then. The tigers didn’t seem particularly interested in our little group, but what should we do next? Should we terminate the dive and surface? Hmm. That would mean ascending in the middle of the channel with 27 metres of green water beneath us and waiting whilst the boat came and picked us up. With those two mooching somewhere underneath or behind us, possibly looking out for splashy things at the surface. No, on balance it seemed preferable to stick to the side of the reef and keep gently ascending and heading towards the mouth of the channel where the reef shelved out from the edge and the water was clearer – the viz had already got bluer and clearer and was probably about 12-15 m

As I was thinking this, another tiger appeared, dead in front of me at my depth and heading straight towards me.I don’t recall thinking anything other than “Blimey. Three tigers. How very unusual.” About 6 or 7 metres in front of me it changed its angle, and glided slowly down and out towards the middle of the channel, over a big bommie where it was thronged by a school of red snapper, like starlings round a hawk. This one was probably about 3 metres long, smaller than the first one – the size of the second one I hadn’t really taken in, being deeply focussed on the sheer presence of the first – how big, close, stripy, scary and absolutely frikking awegenerating it was. This one too continued along up channel under us, staying in view much longer as the viz was better.






After it disappeared we also continued along the channel, albeit in the opposite direction, and everyone appeared to have adopted a new method of finning which went as follows: kick, kick, swivel round, peer behind. Kick, kick, swivel round, peer behind. At this point, Bill, who was just behind me, reached 50 bar, and as per my briefing, decided to alert me to this. To attract my attention he gave a gentle tug on my fin, at which I nearly spat my reg out and span round so fast that I may have affected the earth’s gravity field. Turning back round to face forwards, a nurse shark shot out of the reef immediately in front of me and dived down into the channel. That didn’t help much either.

Now in lovely clear blue water, we reached the shallower plateau section of reef where we did our safety stop over the stunning hard corals on the reef top. Nobody seemed to be looking too hard at the reef mind you. After 3 mins we surfaced and I signaled to Selemo, about metres away over deeper water, to bring the boat over. Sele signalled to me that he would like us to swim out away from the reef. I signalled back that I would prefer to stay where I was and be picked up over here, thank you very much, and if you could possibly make it fairly snappy that would be much appreciated. Again, a new surface technique was adopted whereby everyone kept their masks on and had a quick look round underneath us every 3 seconds or so.

Back on the boat, the main feeling was one of exhilarated disbelief – not a high fiving whoopwhoop kind of feeling, more contemplative awe at the sheer presence of these amazing creatures. The adrenalin buzz continued for quite a while after – I found it difficult to stop grinning for about 2 hours. As I mentioned to Sue later, they were definitely the least cryptic megafauna I had ever come across!

By Alex Hill

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Premier PADI dive centre takes you to the world famous Beqa Lagoon from Coral Coast Fiji

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Best Scuba diving from Coral Coast Fiji, based at Warwick Fiji resort & SPA and Crusoe’s retreat.

We are the one, takes you to the famous soft coral capital of the world by comfort dive boat ” GALEOS ” accommodate 15divers.

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Our new dive site ” Ogo Bongo “

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Best dive form Coral Coast Fiji @ Warwick Fiji resort & SPA, The Naviti Resort, Crusoe’s Retreart and Mango-bay resort.

South Pacific Adventure Divers offer amazing dive trip all around year, include famous Beqa & Yanuca lagoon dive trip, The Shark dive and Coral Coast wall dive.

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Photo of the Day from Coral Coast Fiji

Dive from Coral Coast Fiji, take you to the world famous Beqa & Yanuca Lagoon.

Dive shop ( SPAD Fiji ) operates Warwick Fiji resort & Spa, Naviti resort, Crusoe’s retreat and Mango-bay resort.

Photo from our Beqa lagoon, Canon reef. Ribbon eel


You will be excited to find this ribbon eel at dive site and taking photo. it is very shy, need to close very slowly all the time.

Diving start at Crusoe’s Retreat

Dive centre at Coral Coast Fiji offers amazing dive trip include Soft Coral Capital of the World ” Beqa & Yanuca Lagoon ” and famous Shark dive trip.

We South Pacific Adventure Divers start dive operation at Crusoe’s retreat from this week. Today our dive operation manager Alex Hill takes two young girls to do PADI discover scuba diving. he made perfect instruction for them yesterday at Crusoe’s pool. It was impressed !!

We ( Akira & Alex ) made reserch diving around the resort, only 30mins diving, we saw 2 sea turtle, 4 reef shark and schooling Bream, Emperor. the edge of the reef  was so amazing. nice and healthy table corals. good for diving and good for snorkeling !!



Dive shop open soon at Crusoe’ Retreat

Coral Coast Fiji PADI dive centre offers amazing adventure all around year.

New dive operation comming soon !!

Crusoe’s retreat is located south of main island VITI-LEVU Coral Coast, 10~12km from Warwick resort ( our main base ). amazing over looking sea view, small boutique resort, clear water & white sand beach. very welcome divers and beach lovers. Website:

Crusoe’s Retreat is a small, intimate resort located on Fiji’s famous Coral Coast.  With only 28 Fiji-inspired Bures, Crusoe’s is a relaxed, tropical getaway.  Located next to a traditional Fijian village, you are encouraged to visit our friendly neighbors, and experience firsthand how time-honoured traditions and ancient customs continue to shape everyday life, and see for yourself why Fijians are consistently recognized as the friendliest people on earth.  Crusoe

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Coral Coast PADI dive centre # 8278 offers best dive around Coral Coast Fiji, takes you to the world famous Beqa & Yanuca Lagoon.

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It is amazing and impressive to see the coral bommie surrounded by schooling Magenta slender Annthias. as well as colorful soft coral reef. it is good and perfect for taking photograph and video shooting.

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